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 One of my gorgeous students posted this yesterday about our Organic Wellbeing Body Balm – Sweet Dreams. It is such an amazing product I use it every night myself. If you would like one I am offering free postage You can get it online at inspired-prosperity.com.au/store

I used this wonderful product with amazing results, and tried it on Richard (a sceptic) he had been awake until 2.30am, I used balm on back of his neck and within 15 min he was asleep!! thank you Nerida Richard is a convert.- Gayle

My beautiful girl wrote this comment about our Sweet Dreams Organic Wellbeing Body Balm on Instagram….. “So my mum makes this magical stuff to help you sleep. It’s amazing!!! It used to take me ages to fall asleep and wake 2 or 3 times in the night. Now I sleep right through. It’s pretty great! ” if you would like some check out our online store! ?Nerida? Brooke Ashley

10 May · Queanbeyan ·

 My mama in law has done it again! Just used this body scrub she makes and my colourful skin has never felt softer!? ?#?amazing? ?#?inlove? Inspired Prosperity
This past week I have been using this sweet dreams body balm that my lovely mumma in law makes, it’s seriously amazing! I had so much trouble getting to sleep but once i started using this every night before bed I go straight to sleep. You can honestly feel it start relaxing you as soon as you lay down! Inlove with it??? head over to her page and check her range of products out 🙂 www.inspired-prosperity.com.au/store

25 June at 17:52 ·

 I’ve been using the cold, flu & sore throat relief this week and loving it!! Thank you so much again Nerida – you’re amazing ??????

My name is Jo. I have been seeing Nerida for the past couple of years.During this time I have had the pleasure of experiencing Nerida’s specially prepared Australian Bush Flower  Essence remedies. Nerida’s remedies are specifically tailored to my requirements at the time. I always feel a sense of calm, balance and empowerment when using the remedies. They have a holistic effect on the mind, body and spirit. I feel the essences help shift blockages that may be stopping you from healing at both an emotional and physical level. I wouldn’t be the person I am today without Nerida’s love, support, gentle guidance and Australian Bush Flower Essence remedies.


I have two teenage daughters, aged 13 and 15. They have been using the Teen Essence  over the past few months. During this time, I have noticed the girls seem to be more balanced and in control of their emotions. We haven’t experienced the massive mood swings that can sometimes occur throughout the teenage years. My daughters have a positive outlook on life, they are filled with love and growing in confidence every day.


Thank you Nerida for being a beautiful guiding light in our life.

“I have been using the Bush Flower Essence for approximately 6 months now, and was curious about the Toddler Essence for my young children (3 and 4 year olds). One who had issues with a stutter and low confidence. The other I was my little shadow, a happy and confident child but suffered separation anxiety with only me. I have noticed significant improvement with both children, same drops, different issues and even their preschool teachers are noticing the difference. I’m very happy with the result so far.” Maggie, Wollongong

“ I was introduced to the Self-Love essence a few months ago, and I so happy with how these little drops a few times a day have kept my mind in check with reality. Life can get overwhelming and unbalance – quickly! When this happens I take the drops, give myself time to breath and re-evaluate the situation. I was sceptical before committing to taking them regularly and I totally believe they have help me on my journey – I love this product!” Rachel, Wollongong

”After suffering anxiety for over 15 years, and desperate to break the cycle and feel happy again. I knew after my 1st visit with Nerida that hope might become a reality. I’ve worked with Nerida for over 6 months now and can say I haven’t experienced a panic attack since May 2015.  I have learnt to identify and love myself again, reconnected with family and friends and ultimately become a better mother. I’m so grateful for everything Nerida has helped me achieve – and highly recommend her to anyone who feels like something is missing in their lives, exhausted with life or want a more meaningful existence.” Maggie, Wollongong.

“I have suffered from regular and excruciating sinus infections most of my adult life, and only strong antibiotics have been able to clear and ease the pain. One reiki session with Nerida and a custom bush flower essence to continue at home –  I’m beyond happy to say that I haven’t had an infection for over 3 months now. I had accepted that the pain and frequency was going to be with me forever. This wasn’t the case and during the treatment I could feel the sinus draining instantly. I am amazed how I responded to this non-invasive and fast treatment – and recommend anyone with reoccurring health issues to consider a session.” Nichole, Horsley.

My journey with Nerida began after a cancer diagnosis and surgery. She held my hand, listened patiently while i let off steam and was and still is there for me. Nerida, i cannot thank you enough for the amazing guidance, love and healing you bring to my life. From getting sick to my new journey of independance i know i can look to you for support. From the bottom of my heart ~ thank you <3 xx – Kathy – Melbourne.


“I would like to take this opportunity to thank Nerida to allow myself to view situations in a positive light no matter how negative I may see them. Constructively she has allowed me to listen to my fears and harness this negative energy into positive action!

 She has been fantastic in last minute reschedules due to my busy corporate life and yet when we meet, her empathetic and calm approach allowed me to slow down and ‘smell the roses’.

 If only I came across Nerida earlier, who knows where I’d be in my career and more importantly, how stable my personal life would be regardless of what challenges my career may throw at me.

 I sincerely recommend Nerida to talk to you about any issue no matter how complex one may see it.”

 Chris Melbourne VIC 


Reiki with Nerida has been one of the most beneficial treatments I have been through. Anxiety and overwhelming stress had invaded my life, but working with Nerida, her crystals and her overwhelming support, I have been able to take control of my life. Thank you Nerida!

Sarah – Woonona NSW


I have received numerous Reiki healing sessions with Nerida.  I find Nerida’s healing to be sincere, deep, nurturing, profound and integral to the maintenance of balance in my life. Nerida is authentic and real.  She is a beautiful soul with a unique and inspiring gift and I recommend her whole-heartedly to anyone who wishes to create more peace and harmony in their lives.     

 Patty, West Wollongong, NSW


I would like to express my absolute gratitude to Nerida for the help she has given me over the last few months.  I have been suffering from similar to PTSD post traumatic stress disorder for 3½ years.
Nerida has helped in so many ways including Personal Development, Reiki and Aust Bush Flower Essences. She is incredible! her empathy, understanding, love and compassion is truly remarkable. She has put strategies in place to help me gain clarity. My anxiety and stress is a thing of the past .
I would and do recommend Nerida to anyone.

 Suzi, Port Kembla NSW


 Nerida has been a constant support in my life. She has incredible compassion and empathy. Nerida listens without judgement, guides, encourages and supports. Hiring a life coach was the best thing I could have done for myself.

Jodie, Bulli NSW

Nerida has helped me so much in working through juggling work and family. I had so many issues in this very difficult time in my life. Nerida has worked with me to put strategies into place that helped me gain clarity, balance and time and also eliminated my stress and guilt. I have also gained a loving wonderful relationship with my husband and children as a result. I would recommend Nerida to anyone.

Clare, Wollongong NSW

I would like to thank Nerida for her support, help and patience during my coaching with you. She provided the blend of support, empathy, engagement and challenge which I needed in order to make the change, and which helped me to address the mental block which I was allowing to stand in my way. As a result I have been able to take a significant step forward in my life planning.

She is very kind, friendly and attentive coach and truly genuine in supporting me and has asked me to call her whenever I needed some help.  

I must say that I was pretty sceptical upon receiving this coaching. However, this has made significant changes in my life that needed addressing and Nerida had a big part of me reaching that. Again, thank you and I will certainly recommend Nerida as a life coach.

Yours Sincerely,

Lisa – Melbourne VIC

Our business was expanding rapidly and the stress levels were high. New staff, old staff, new systems, new software. On top of that, we were all having to deal with our personal lives and the stresses that come with everyday life. We needed help to move forward as one.

I turned to natural therapies and Personal Development Coaching through Inspired Prosperity.

Today, our business has tripled in gross turnover, overheads have decreased relatively, and I have the happiest group of people working together in harmony.

M. Schipp
Tactix Training Systems PTY LTD


I have been attending Inspired Prosperity Women’s Personal Development Group for 12 months. I have truly developed a sense of self-worth and am seeing positive results in my life. I have struggled with confidence, sticking to my life goals and feeling like I am just wafting around in my life waiting for the next thing to happen, Now my self-esteem is the best it has ever been and I feel absolutely amazing. I now have the strength and structure to make things happen that I want to make happen and that couldn’t have happened without Nerida’s support. She is always “on board” for me. Now I have my thinking right, the world is my oyster!  I recommend Inspired Prosperity’s services to anyone that wishes to make positive changes in their life.

Thankyou Nerida,



I have been attending Nerida’s group for 12 months and I find the meetings insightful and enjoyable.
The last year has been a true growth experience for me with Nerida always there to support me along the way, emotionally, physically, spiritually and mentally.
I wholeheartedly recommend attending the Women’s Personal Development Group at Inspired Prosperity and/or any other of Nerida’s services.
She is my gift from God.



How wonderful to be able to spend time with some very supporting women being taught by Nerida, I love the Inspired Prosperity Personal Development classes, not only is Nerida an amazing teacher, she is truly there any time you need her. Nerida has great insight to bring out the best in you and help your reach your dreams. I have also made firm friendships in this group. If you need someone to push you to that next step you won’t find that with Nerida because she will be right by your side every step of the way. Thank you Nerida without you I wouldn’t of started my new business. I am loving life, not just living it.



I enjoy attending the Inspired Prosperity Women’s Personal Development group and love that you can discover your true self in a safe and caring environment.It is lovely to spend time with like minded people led by Nerida who inspires and guides you to follow your dreams, she is nurturing, supportive and motivating without being pushy.


I would encourage anyone wishing to take control of their life to join Inspired Prosperity and discover what is possible.

Love your work x


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