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Inspired Prosperity is the passion of Nerida Perry

Nerida is a certified Emotional & Physical Health Practitioner and Personal Development Coach, Reiki master and teacher, Seichim master and teacher, Meditation teacher, and a  certified Australian Bush Flower Essences College Course Teacher and Practitioner. Nerida has clients all over Australia and the World. Nerida is also currently studying Naturopathy.

People seem drawn to Nerida and find an instant rapport with her – something that is essential when looking for a personal consultant and healer.  She is an intuitive person who has battled through her own tough times and emerged at the other end inspired, invigorated and passionate about guiding other people toward a life that they can love.

Nerida is compassionate, empathetic and a great motivator who relates easily to her clients and their personal goals, challenges and aspirations.

“I am extremely passionate about helping others to feel empowered and to love themselves and their life. My intention and
goal is to help all people to feel amazing, content, peaceful and balanced and to lead fulfilling, happy lives.”

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