Finding out you are having difficulties conceive can be a traumatic rollercoaster of emotions that can affect every aspect of your life. Good news is Nerida has a very high success rate with her clients in falling pregnant. Every lady that has come to Nerida with difficulties conceiving has fallen pregnant within a 1 to 5 month period. Nerida does NOT guarantee results but the statistics speak for themselves. Providing there is no physical reason as to why you cannot fall pregnant.

With our all natural approach working with the mind, emotions, Reiki and Australian Bush Flower Essences our beautiful ladies that have attended Nerida’s treatments have all fallen pregnant.

Most of our ladies have been trying to fall pregnant for a 1-3 year period and are amazed at the results and feel fantastic during the process of treatment. Relieving stress and anxiety and feeling wonderful.

You are more than welcome to Contact Us to enquire or give Nerida a call 0419 625 409 to see if you are a candidate for this treatment.

Come along for an initial consult and see if this treatment is for you.


Initial Consult

During your initial consultation you will recieve a client profile and clarity is established, strategies are put into place to start the process of you falling pregnant. A Reiki treatment is given and Australian Bush Flower Essence for you to take home.


3 Treatment Pregnancy Package

This package includes 3 treatments including Reiki plus Australian Bush Flower Essence consult and an Australian Bush Flower Essence for you to take home ($15) Please allow  1- 1.5 hours per session.

*Ezy Pay available for all packages

 6 Treatment Package +1 FREE treatment

This package includes 6  Reiki Treatments plus 1 bonus Reiki treatment. It is recommended that you continue your treatment when you are pregnant to keep you in a beautiful relaxed state of mind and body. Reiki also relieves morning sickness and any pregnancy discomfort – bonus!!

BONUS – 1 Free Treatment is included in this package.




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