Seichim (Say-Keem) is a ancient Egyptian energy system of healing wisdom. It is similar to Reiki but a stronger energy with a goddess feminine feel to it. It is pure ‘Unconditional Love’ or ‘All Love’ energy which cannot be compared…. Reiki energy integrated with Seichim is just beautiful. Reiki is the Great White Light energy and Seichim is the Rainbow energy. They both come from ‘One Source’

Seichim energy is used for healing the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. The energy can be used to heal and to stimulate personal development to reach ones true purpose, to evolve the soul and greater expand your tools on this journey of life. Seichim integrates and empowers all other modalities, encompassing vibration resonance and the use of symbols.

For enquiries or to book into the class  Contact Us

Your class includes

  • Seichim Foundations Manual
  • Tuition
  • Seichim Attunement

– Thursday  5/11/15 (1 day)

Time – 9am – 3pm

Where – Inspired Prosperity, East Corrimal


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